150 Acres of Prime Whitetail Deer Hunting Land for Sale: $299,000

Bamberg County, South Carolina

For Sale by Owner

2013: "According to the data, the top deer counties for harvest per unit area were led again by Bamberg County, the same top county as in 2011, with a harvest rate of 19.2 deer per square mile..." Game and Fishing Magazine

2012: "The top 5 counties for harvest per unit area were Bamberg (19.2 deer/mile²)..." SC DNR report

2011: "Top counties for [deer] harvest in 2011 included Bamberg, ...[excess of 15 deer per square mile]" SC DNR report

2010: "For the 2010 deer hunting season, the number one county, by a considerable margin in terms of deer harvested by unit area, was Bamberg County... a whopping 27.2 deer per square mile harvest rate..." Game and Fishing Magazine

Survey statistics indicate that approximately 125,450 South Carolina residents and 14,702 non-residents deer hunted in the state in 2011. Deer hunters reported an overall success rate of 72 percent, which is outstanding. Resident hunters averaged about 16 days of deer hunting, non-residents about 15 days, and the total effort expended deer hunting in 2011 was estimated at 2,233,405 days. “The number of days devoted to deer hunting in South Carolina is very significant and points not only to the availability and popularity of deer as a game species, but to the obvious economic benefits related to this important natural resource,” said Charles Ruth, Deer and Wild Turkey Program coordinator for the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR). About $200 million in direct retail sales is related to deer hunting in South Carolina annually.

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